The theory of vibration (Spanda) relates directly to the concept of potential-sound (shabda-tanmatra) which develops into the individual matrika as the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. These letters are called varnas, meaning colours, as each of these distinct “matrix-vibrations” has a definite colour-affinity. As the gross aspect of the subtle (Shabd), these “phenomenal seeds” are the foundation of the ever-changing Reality and are inseparable from Consciousness.

About Kundalini

Consciousness, subtle sound, manifest sound, form, colour and the elements are all inter-related. Every Matrika has a Shakti (Energy). Of all the Shaktis, the Kundalini-Shakti is the greatest. This “serpent- energy” of potential vibration, is the “atomic” energy of the microcosm. Contained within the body there is a great power-potential. It is the power of the Cosmos. “Coiled” in the lower centres, the Kundalini-Shakti may be released through “vibrational” activity. This vibrational activity can be of three kinds: Through Breath-Control (Pranayama) : Breath-Activity. Through Sound (Mantra) : Sound-Activity. Through Elementals : Alchemical-Activity.

Associated in ancient times with the Mother-Goddess, and the Earth-Goddess, this energy has been worshipped as the One Principle by which the Nature-Potential may be released into the realm of Cosmic-Consciousness. When activated, this energy surges through the subtle body and “discharges” as Amrit (“Nectar”), flooding the Consciousness with Blissfulness. This union of “moon” and “sun”, once again brings us to the polarity-symbolism, which is the undercurrent of the Tan trie cosmology. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in his researches into “Orgone-Energy”, undoubtedly stumbled upon the all-powerful Kundalini-Shakti, which has its root in the sexual centres. According to the Kularnava tantra, the world “is made only of Shiva and Shakti”. When separated, these two poles strive to unite. When united, Blissfulness is the result.

How the Kundalini Rises Through the 7 Chakras

Moving up the central axis (“Mount-Meru”) of the Subtle body [composed of Pranas (Vitality-essences) and Nadis (Vitality-essence-channels)] through the Sushumna-Nadi (“Central pathway”), also called “Meru-danda” (Mount Meru Staff), through the Chakras (Subtle- body centres) - the 7 chakras through which the kundalini passes are the Muladhara at the base, the Swadisthana chakra at the genitals, the Manipuraka at the navel, the Anahata chakra at the heart or solar plexus, the Vishuddhi chakra at the throat, the agna chakra between the eyebrows, and the sahasrar or fontanelle at the top of the head - to “Immortal” Union with the Shiva Consciousness- principle of the Sahasrara-Padma-Chakra (at the top of the head), the Kundalini-Shakti “consummates” the “marriage” of Individual Spirit (Atma) to Universal Spirit (Paramatma). The release of this energy from the “earthy” to the “etheric”, through the vortices of the subtle colour sound centres (Chakras) is a highly specialized science.

7 Chakras and Visualization

The Yoga instructions on the visualisation and activation of the subtle body vary according to the tradition of the Guru, however there are a number of “common-factors” which are now given: First there is the visualisation of the "Emptiness” and “Hollowness” of the body. Then a central axis “Mount Meru”. is imagined, reaching from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, the Brahmarandhra: “aperture of Brahma”!, also hollow “reed-like” and of a dark blue-black colour The colour of outer space; Then to each side of the central "staff” are a smaller channel Ida & Pingala . each of which are also hollow. Tradition varies slightly as to the colours attributed to these two channels, but generally they are a mixture of Red and White, with a concentration of Red to the Right, and White to the Left. Likewise the breath is associated with these channels, the equalising of breath being the aim of Hatha-Yoga as expounded by Matsyendra Nath and Patanjali.