The government of the Western Indian state of Rajasthan is mulling the introduction of yoga asanas, surya namaskar and meditation for students in government schools.

The move comes following the recommendation of an empowered committee that was established by the Ministry of Education to reduce stress and anxiety among students, and promote good health and vibrance. Vasudev Devnani, the education minister of the state suggested these possibilities to improve children's physical and mental wellbeing.

The formal announcement is yet to be made, but the government has agreed to the proposal. A senior official in the government mentioned that the world would celebrating International Yoga Day on June 21, and this had been agreed upon even at the UN, with the backing of 191 nations, several of them Islamic.

The official stated that there are 84,661 government schools in the state, with 329,000 teachers and 8.5 million students in classes between first and twelfth standard.

Across the country, in South India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, the state's Chief Minister, Chandrababdu Naidu, cabinet ministers, senior government officials, mayors and district administrators are taking part in a 3-day yoga retreat, to help them combat stress and work more efficiently. Beginning on Thursday night, the course included several basic asanas, mantras, and pranayam and kriyas.

The ministers of the state that was recently split in two, have also been coping with the devastation wrecked by the recent Hudhud cyclone which hit the Indian east coast in December. Though the government has been praised for its prior preparations and effective relief work, the event has stressed government officials and machinery.

The program titled "Inner Engineering for Joyful Living" should help officials destress and prepare better for future events.