When a young person of the age of 33 dies, there is bound to be some controversy and doubts regarding the death. This is what see in the case of Jaggi Vasudev's wife's death. Her name was Vijji, and she died in January 1997, on what is known traditionally in Tamil Nadu as thaipoosam. Below are some photos, videos and a discussion of the details and various evidence surrounding this controversy of her death.

Jaggi Vasudev's Wife's Death: Murder?

First thing to note here is that there are two versions of the story. One side claims that Jaggi Vasudev's wife died, and that she was actually murdered by Jaggi. The other side claims that she was not murdered, and in fact, she did not even die in the conventional sense. She attained mahasamadhi, a spiritual term meaning a person has become one with cosmos, and so ceases to exist. In India's tradition, there are many who are said to have attained mahasamadhi, including Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shirdi Sai Baba etc.

Below are a few images of Jaggi Vasudev's wife, during the early days of her marriage.

Jaggi Vasudev's Wife Jaggi Vasudev and his wife. Jaggi Vasudev's Daughter Jaggi Vasudev's daughter bows down to a photo of her mother, during a dance performance.

Jaggi Vasudev's Wife's Death: Mahasamadhi?

As said above, the other version of this story is that she attained mahasamadhi. In mahasamadhi, the person's body still remains sometimes, and it is often cremated, and the ashes kept in a tomb, or samadhi. Vijji's samadhi is at the Isha Yoga Center. A photo is shown below.

Jaggi Vasudev's wife's samadhi Jaggi Vasudev's wife's samadhi, where her ashes are cremated.

Below is the description of this mahasamadhi, from Jaggi Vasudev himself: Jaggi Vasudev on his wife's death / mahasamadhi. Jaggi Vasudev has spoken about this many times, and these videos are also available on Youtube. I have chosen one here, that was spoken to a celebrity audience that included Anupam Kher and his wife Kirron Kher. Jaggi Vasudev is answering Kirron Kher's question on his wife's mahasamadhi.

Jaggi Vasudev's Wife's Death: Video

Jaggi Vasudev's Wife's Death: Investigation

So which of these is true. Unfortunately, Jaggi Vasudev's wife's death took place 21 years ago, so it is not a simple process to investigate. One thing that is clear is that though Jaggi Vasudev is claimed to be the murderer on some sites on the Internet, he was never convicted in a court of law. In fact, no case was ever presented in the court even. Generally, if anyone is suspected of murder, the accusers would file an FIR in a police station immediately. That way, an investigation can progress and if there is proof, the case can be taken to a court of law and the sentence passed.

Unfortunately, none of the accusing websites are taking such an action. However, they continue to publish articles on the supposed controversial death of Jaggi Vasudev's wife. These people are perhaps trying to profit from the popularity of Jaggi Vasudev. They know that by publishing such stories, they will make people click on their pages, and so the website can make money from ad revenue (which is linked to number of website visitors). The same logic can hold for some of the Youtube videos that same similar things, without showing any proof.

It is surprising that people can make accusations of murder without proof because in Indian legal system, no one is guilty unless proven. To make such accusations without taking the case to court, can be a punishable offense.

It is said that there is a FIR filed in 1997, immediately after the death. However, no one clarifies on what the result of this FIR was. No action was taken by the police. It is also well-known that Jaggi Vasudev was an unknown person, and not famous as he is now. So the question of political influence on police is also not possible. Also, the accusations that he fled to the United States to escape prosecution do not hold water. He is living in India and has been for several years now, so obviously he did not "flee" to the US.

There is also the accusation that her body was cremated immediately, and that this means foul play. Nowadays, such things can be found out because all deaths are recorded and a doctor signs the death certificate after examination. This was not the case 20 years ago though. A death certificate was not mandatory. And it is customary for traditional Hindu families to cremate the body within a few hours of death. Keeping the body for even a day is considered inauspicious for the soul.

Since no one provides any credible evidence, it must be concluded that in fact, Jaggi Vasudev's wife's death was not murder.

Jaggi Vasudev's Wife's Death: Truth?

The truth is, she probably just died. People die! Even young people. It doesn't necessarily mean anything suspicious. There are many diseases and physiological defects such cardiac palpitations due to having a hole in the heart. Many people do not even realize they have such ailments, and they just die one fine day. There are people who even have bacterial infections in the brain. These are picked up through respiration sometimes. There are cases of people picking up such infections from hotel AC rooms and going into coma or even dying. Maybe this is how Jaggi Vasudev's wife died. There are many such possibilities. SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is well-known. But young adults die too from unknown causes (though not in the same numbers). It doesn't necessarily mean murder. As said above, in those days, no autopsy was necessary, so the cause cannot be accurately identified.

As for Jaggi Vasudev's claim about her mahasamadhi, well, he offers no concrete proof of it either. Neither does he clearly explain how such a process works. So perhaps these are just the words of a man grieving the loss of his wife and believing that she attained the goal of all spiritual seekers.