Dandi, the iconic location where Mahatma Gandhi first broke the repressive salt laws imposed by the British, and ended his Salt March, now has a Dandi Kutir, a museum dedicated to Bapu's life. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this brand new state-of-the-art facility, which is quite close to Gujarat's capital of Gandhinagar. The inauguration also marked the celebration of the 13th Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD). Modi alonwith Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel and other state ministers, went around the museum, which includes several sculptures and artifacts relating to the Mahatma.

The entire museum is shaped like a salt mound in fact. "The Prime Minister is viewing the exhibits at Dandi Kutir in Gandhinagar," said a tweet from the PMO. Modi also saw a 3D short film on Mahatma Gandhi's life and left a message on the visitor's book: "Mahatma Gandhi - a global citizen, identity of an era. A legacy of human-centric development. A source of an unending power of the unfailing weapon of non-violence," Modi wrote. "Dandi Kutir. It's a pleasant feeling when the dream of creating a source of inspiration from Gandhi's life to the young-generation through modern science and technology is coming true. It would be satisfactory doing work of human welfare if the life of pujya (respected) Bapu will inspire the future generation," he added.

Gandhi, whose many quotes, still resonate with Indians today, and serve as a beacon for values and ideals, was also a social reformers, trying to instill ideals, and take the Hindu way of life back to its roots. Influenced by many saints and sages, Gandhi was also known to quote Buddha and Mahaveer Jain on spirituality.

The museum also features a hologram of Bapu. The government has also released commemorative stamps and coins to mark the event, with one face showing Gandhi as a young lawyer in South Africa, and the other showing his transformation to Bapu. 10-rupee and 100-rupee coins, and 25-rupee stamps have been issued.

Dandi Kutir stands 41-meters high and marks the 85th anniversary of Gandhi's March 12, 1930 salt march, and the 100th anniversary of his return to India from South Africa.