The 3-day visit is expected to culminate in the signing of several deals in the areas of infrastructure, especially railways, bilateral trade and other fields of investment. Xi arrived in Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, and will have dinner with Modi at the Sabarmati river where they may discuss the ongoing border conflict and several other troublesome issues that have been pending for many years.

According to Facts About India, the 3300 kilometer border between India and China is disputed along almost half its length in Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir. This is the first visit by a Chinese President in almost a decade. Xi had earlier said regarding the border issues, “Progress has been made in the negotiations on the boundary question. The two sides are working together to maintain peace.”

Jinping should mostly focus on the trade deals according to sources in China, since he will be looking to out do Japan in their 35 billion dollar investment plans for India, that were announced during Modi's recent visit to Japan, in early September. Jinping may open up investments to the tune of $100 billion over the next five years. Bilateral trade was $65 billion between the two countries in 2013, with two-thirds being export from China.

Modi has coined the phrase Inch Towards Miles, where Inch refers to India-China and Miles refers to Millennium of Exceptional Energy, to describe the partnership between the two nations.