The action is the effect of thought. The thought is not the mere working of the waking mind. It is the sum-total of the working of the waking mind, plus the thought produced involuntarily by the Karma which represents not merely the reflex action produced by that thought but also the quantity of the unspent reflex actions against it in the past.

The actions are the effects of the workings of the Inner Mind. That Inner Mind is not the balance left after omitting the two sections I spoke of as falling within the conscious range. I had to refer to those sections which related to the absorption of ideas from the soul’s conscious sphere since it is only against those sections that forces of Prakriti and karma directly impinge. Inner Mind is not affected except through these sections, but Inner Mind is one indivisible whole. It emanates forces which result in acts. These forces may be radiating from various sections but in the order of initial force they affect the Universe. While the Inner Mind is directly not affected by the forces which affect the waking sections deeply, it receives indelible impressions thereof which go to affect primarily the active part thereof.

Inner Mind in Relation to Failure of Action

Now when the waking section sends out thoughts, they get lost in the universe because of want of strength from the Inner Mind. Take an illustration. I desire that I should get a jewel. The thought affects the Inner Mind which at the time refuses to believe that the jewel can be got. If this thought escapes into the universe, it will result in nothing for want of support from the operative part of the mind’s artillery. It is the name I give to the operative part of the Inner Mind.

This is what gives karma its power. But first, we need to clearly understand what is karma. Karma is a misunderstood word. And Sadhguru gives a very interesting clarification about it below.

Other Causes for Failure of Action

Now, assume I hate a man. The hatred is so deep that when I desire to kill him I affect my Inner Mind also with that emotion. When this thought escapes into the universe the Inner Mind, which is of the same thought, supports this with its artillery fire and the act is done. If the act is not done it may not mean that the Inner Mind had not given support. The miscarriage of. the artillery might be caused by the previous balance of ammunition being insufficient or unfit for use.

Fifth Dimension and Inner Mind

I will remove the simile and tell you straight-way. If the Inner Mind has received a thought through its emotional section, it almost always received it, but in sending out thoughts it does not merely transmit what it receives since what it has received has been inextricably mixed and dissolved in the then state of the mind. Now what emanates from this state of the mind is the thought which is responsible for all actions. This is the fifth dimension and not the mere thought of the conscious mind. It is to make this clear to you that I have been repeating so long.